“In the Mood for Love” Travelling Guide

20 Apr

My grandfather had always been a great romantic. Every time he had the chance and time, he was surprising my grandmother with romantic adventures. Long before most people had visited exotic destinations, he took her on a camel in the heart of Sahara, skiing in the Alps, surfing in Hawai, etc. And before you say: “Well, it’s the money that made these adventures so romantic”, allow me to continue by saying  that money is not the most important factor when it comes to surprising someone with a genuinely romantic gesture; what you need is imagination.

Walking hand in hand with the person you love somewhere new is far more romantic than having a dinner in the restaurant you first met.


Forget the chocolates and flowers, and focus on sharing something. Fly to Geneva, take the ferry to Venice, and have the island for yourself. Book easyjet to Milan and eat pizza or gelato (ice-cream), rent a car and drive to nearby Morzine, one of the most beautiful villages in the Alps, and snowboard like a banshee during the day, and enjoy the view of Mas de la Coutettaz during the night. Fly to Singapore, drive to Tarida, immerse yourself in the sexy style of Abu Dhabi, and take the ferry to Tangiers for some exotic shopping.

Even the cliches can be charming if you know how to embrace them. Milan, for example, though renowned as a city of fashion and finance, once away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, can be a truly romantic city. 



Paris, like Milan and Venice, is a city for losing yourself; in unexpected little streets in the Marais, in a cosy corner of a dimly lit cafe or at small scale masterpieces such as the Musee Picasso.  Just like the Paris you have seen in those Renault Clio ads, she can be that sexy brunette who says ‘Fhonnce’ instead of France, and you can be the crazy charming Brit who flirts with her.So go on dear readers, surprise your partner, even if it’s just for two days.


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