Sofia Nightlife..

18 Apr

Feeling the atmosphere and people’s lifestyle is the only way that you can truly understand Bulgarian’s capital lifestyle. During the summer Sofia turns into an enormous party in the open, where people have gathered celebrating their holiday. It’s not just the altitude that will take your breath away here – and if it does, just drink Bulgarian herbal tea – Sofia’s nightlife is sensational: effortlessly cool, with a young, educated and stylish population that lives for the night and welcomes outsiders. There are plenty of clubs that are worth visiting and contribute to the fascinating atmosphere. It only depends on the music you like. Here are some of the nicest and most famous clubs in Sofia.


1. Buddha Bar (A Taste of the Orient)
Buddha Bar is located at the back of Rila hotel at Lege Street. It’s a place where you can go dance, have a drink or watch the others having fun while chilling in the oriental atmosphere. So, Dear Readers, If you are looking for a memorable experience, where you could chat and laugh without being hindered by the huge crowds, then Buddha Bar is the right place for you.


2. Chervilo club (The Club of Lipsticks) ..
If you are trendy, funky and groovy person, then Chervilo Club is the best one for you. Large rooms with different music (electro-lounge vs techno-house music) and hip local clients. Even at 8 am you can see people reentering the bar. So, Dear Readers, put on your best clothes, take your best friends and head over there.

Dress Code: One tip : wear your sunglasses if u wanna blend in !
Address: 9 Tzar Osvoboditel Boulevard


3. Escape Club: Time to show off

This is the club which will never remain unnoticed in Sofia’s night life. Everybody, even on a first visit to the capital, burns with desire to enter it. This is the club which dictates the fashion in night life with its one of a kind interior, sound and light show, and it is more or less about being noticed. The club’s music can satisfy even the most capricious and following all the fashionable trends in the world.

Dress Code: Well, if you want to bother with that, you might dress up more than you would usually do 🙂
Updated Apr 4, 2011
Address: 1, Angel Kanchev Str.

4. Schweik Club

Schweik is situated in the very centre of Sofia. It offers the widest variety of draught and bottled beer in the city – over 50 kinds along with 100 different snacks from European and international cuisine, plus red and white house wine. From Thursday to Saturday live bands and DJs keep everyone entertained, whilst on Sunday is The Dirty Song Night with the bands Izumrud and Cherno Feredje. There are separate halls representing the typical style of different countries. In the heart of Schweik, the dance club Response awaits fans of trendy music with its hip decor and atmosphere. It offers all kinds of cocktails, served on burning counters by attractive bartenders. The sound is just perfect and the lighting effects are unique.


5. Yalta Club

Yalta is the first Bulgarian club and it is one of the finest ones in Sofia. The first thing that can be noticed about Yalta is that everything around you is part of one concept: the furniture, the lights, the sound system and even the incomparable view outside. The wild rhythm of Sofia outside the windows completes the tranquility and minimalist comfort of the club, the result – a place in Sofia like no other. The idea is to feel as if you have been invited to a private party in a big, beautifully furnished apartment. The space is used in such manner, that it provokes everyone to take part in the party!



6. Culture Beat Club
Culture beat is not just a nightclub or boutique- café, not just a bar or a place, where you can eat something tasty. It’s all taken together and before that- it is the new home and cultural center for artists and people who feel such as them. It is located in the city center, on the back of National Palace Of Culture and has view of Bridge.
Culture beat is a crazy strong mix of styles. Sofia’s industrial, street vintage and socialism in contrast of elegant and aristocratic elements which have been combined in one great culture chic. Moreover, the entry in Culture beat, the first thing that you can feel is the flowing sense of comfort and cosine.  So, Dear Readers, if you want to feel somewhat relieved by vanity, luxury and perceptions of comfort that malicious days require and taste something different, so as to feel least 1% more artist than before, then Culture beat is the right place for you.


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