Slogan T-shirts say it all!

3 Apr

If one piece of clothing epitomizes what fashion means now, it is the slogan T-shirt. Like jeans, little black dresses and miniskirts, the T-shirt is a fashion that goes beyond fashion; it’s a mean of communication, a mean of telling the world what we like or care about.


The first slogan T-shirts were sold in the 60s in a shop of London’s Kings Road set up by Tommy Roberts and Trevor Myles. Later, in the 70s, it was Vivienne Westwood and her partner Malcolm McLaren who made political T-shirts to sell in their shop; they were related to sex and to one of the most popular designs during that time featuring ‘swastika’. The collection was a massive success and was followed up on in subsequent years.


In the 80s, slogan T-shirts reached their saturation point because of Katharine Hamnett. Dressed in a “58% Don’t Want Pershing” – a reference to polls showing public opposition in the United Kingdom against the basing of Pershing missiles in the country- she met with then- Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Hamnett’s designs were copied all over the world and her T-shirts became cultural signposts to the times we lived in.


Nowadays, we can consider T-shirts to be the sartorial representation of how communication has changed. We are no longer interested in listening to received wisdom, but in telling the world what we think. Big brands, of course, utilize a slogan, and many use them on their products and in this case t-shirts such as the slogan ‘Just Do It’ which is a trademark of Nike, or ‘J’adore Dior’.

It was during the first Elizabethan age that Shakespeare said ‘I will wear my heart upon my sleeve for dawns to peck at”. At the end of the second Elizabethan age, the progress culminates in us who wear our brands on our chests instead. Every now and then, we might come across a situation in which the expressions at the T-shirts are giving a real characteristic of ours. So it is imperative to take some time out on deciding the right kind of t-shirt which will go along with your mindset and to give a casual look and also a very comfortable feeling by showing what you are, what you feel, or portray anything you want and bring out your attitude towards life and different perspectives in a stylish and fashionable manner.


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